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Private customization

Sale price$26.99 USD

We can provide you with engraved names and phrases on your products. We can customize your gift for you.


Currently, we have two types of English fonts and numeric symbols for personalized engraving.


We offer the following foil stamping methods.


  1. Silver foil stamping


  1. Gold foil stamping


  1. Colorless embossing


If you would like to have a personalized imprint, please fill in the following form on the comment box when placing your order.


Character(s) to be engraved (max. 12 characters).


Typeface: Block / Italic


Desired effect: Silver foil stamping  / Gold foil stamping/ Colorless embossing




Upon receipt of your order, we will email you a preview of the finished engraving.


Please confirm the order as soon as possible after receiving the order, and if you have any requests or changes, please let us know when confirming the order.


Pomelo Best will try our best to fulfill your request.


PS: Customized products are made exclusively for you. Therefore, there is no return or exchange once the product is confirmed to be customized. We hope you understand.

Please note that products that require engraving will be shipped within 5-7 business days.



Private customization
Private customization Sale price$26.99 USD