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1.0 Classic Diaper Backpack

Sale price$49.99 USD

(Expansion): Thanks to so many bags and fans, all of the baby's important things can be kept safe and organized, and the baby's bottles, changes of clothes, diapers, wet wipes can be placed in different departments
The main cabin is metal-reinforced with a card, which can also be used.So all the gadgets are in place The bags in the front have more room and a useful bottle seat
In recent years, our Pomero company has been constantly absorbing customer feedback, but also constantly improve the quality of the product, and therefore, the product quality has been absorbed quite well
(This new image): The classic roll backpack can not only be used as a backpack, but also as a leather bag, and daily necessities can also be used. Stylish and practical.Ideal for shopping, travel and other occasions
(Reliable Guarantee)Pomelo neglects to provide 24-hour German customer service, but also guarantees you quality Don't hesitate to ask each time


1.0 Classic Diaper Backpack
1.0 Classic Diaper Backpack Sale price$49.99 USD