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Boston bag

Sale price$49.99 USD

Durable leather handbags are made of premium leather that stays durable and is paired with an elegant look. The material is durable and resistant to wear, so it can be safely protected.
Versatile, the lady's briefcase can be comfortably stretchered and transformed. There's a removable shoulder strap and a strong piercing hand Therefore, you can use this handbag, shoulder bag or other bag to keep your carry-on convenient in the flight cabin of the aircraft.
Spacious - the dimensions of the handbag are: about 18 cm by 25 cm per inch, 13.5 inches long :67 cm to 119 cm;Handle length :10 cm. This Boston bag has a spacious leather bag with zippers and springs inside, so it gives you plenty of room for your personal belongings.
Elegant design - Crowd-sourced monumental details and neutral attire give your outfit an elegant color. Ladies and gentlemen this bag is good for your date and it brings envious looks
The durable thread and durable leather have been carefully treated, and the durability and security of the bag are good. Premium zippers provide practical insurance while protecting its value.


Boston bag
Boston bag Sale price$49.99 USD